After recognizing one of the most celebrated national holidays, Thanksgiving, most of us were able to spend a concentrated amount of time on what we are grateful for in our lives and sharing that message with others.  Holidays at the end of the year before the beginning of the new year, become a time of celebration, family time, and also a time of giving.  Today is Giving Tuesday, a global celebration with one common purpose: a day to simply celebrate generosity and give.

This quality of giving and giving generously is at the core of leadership.  Giving can come in many different forms, but most often we think of giving, especially on days like today as giving money.  Financial giving is definitely important, but it’s not the only way to give, and sometimes the most impactful way you can give will be not in the form of dollars.  On this celebrated day of giving, consider some of these other ways that we can all give to others, practicing a core leadership quality, and how we can begin to incorporate these in our every day lives.

Comment below on some other ways to give that we can add to this list…


Giving opportunities 

Giving compliments

Giving the truth

Giving someone a sense of accomplishment

Giving encouragement

Giving knowledge

Giving feedback

Giving an act of service

Giving forgiveness

Giving moral and emotional support

Giving experience

Giving someone a chance