When you continue to push yourself on the court, field, and pool, you are not only perfecting your craft but you are building lifelong skills to extend beyond the playing field.

Here are some ways you will see your efforts manifest in your future life and why sports will make you the employee everyone wants:

  • Going above and beyond. You are used to being competitive and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. You are wired to get better each and every day.
  • You know how to give and take constructive feedback. You are constantly being evaluated. In being under the watchful eye of your coach, you’ve developed tough skin to thrive in whatever setting you are put in.
  • Emotional intelligence. You deal with many personalities as part of a team. You learn how to read people and interact with each differently.
  • Preparation. You spend countless hours training in the off-season to improve your skills and fitness. You understand the need for controlling what is in your hand to controls and you don’t hesitate to do so.

You can read this LinkedIn article by Kirsten Dodds to read more.