Summer signifies the start of college camp season! Virtually every college hosts an ID camp to help them recruit, as well as give back to the community. These events are a great opportunity to see how you size up against other girls your age that you normally wouldn’t play against. Additionally, it’s a great way to be seen by coaches that haven’t been able to see you play yet, due to geographic restrictions or simply just to get your name in the mix.

Secondly, but almost just as important as how you perform, camps allow you to get a feel for a college campus, see what you like and what you don’t. At these camps, you get an overall taste of college living – often campers stay in dorms and eat at residence halls.

So how do you choose which camps to go to?

Create a short list of schools you would be interested in attending and use the camp as a trial. There’s no pressure! In that same vein, try to get to a variety of types of schools to get a wide experience of what you might like best. Try a small school, a big one, one in a city, one that is more isolated. Being strategic will help you in the decision-making process down the line.

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