ETSLS launched this year in January and I couldn’t be more excited with where we are.  After an amazing ETSLS Boston Conference and upcoming ETSLS Orlando Conference on August 2nd, we are now presenting even more content to our ETSLS followers through our blogs and newsletters focused on more specific educational materials, including information on leadership, empowerment, team-building, sports nutrition, coaching, sports parenting, and more to each of you on a regular basis!

For those less familiar with the Empowerment Through Sport Leadership Series, it is a conference style environment for parents and coaches as well as young women to interact and hear stories not only with great speakers and individuals, but it’s also an opportunity to discover and use their own voices in order to create their own stories of success.  It’s such a powerful day, filled with energy, fun, learning, and different ways of being involved in our own communities.

Growing up, my parents were involved in both my brother’s and my education and sports endeavors, so I learned the value in having both my parents and my coaches on the same page.  They managed to allow certain responsibilities to fall on my brother and myself, while also choosing times to step in themselves to talk to our teachers and coaches.  Looking back now, I’m very grateful and have realized that many times student-athletes need more guidance, but parents and coaches have a lot on their plates to balance and figure out as well.

Having experienced first hand many different sports scenarios like being a starter and a bench player, losing and gaining confidence, figuring out how to create my own optimal performance, balancing schoolwork, etc., applies to any student-athlete, but it helps to have a great network and team around you.

We aim to provide in our future newsletters a variety of perspectives and voices from high school athletes to collegiate coaches to professionals in sports based development to sports nutritionists.  Each one of us has our own unique story based on our goals and our experiences, and we all have something to bring to the table and learn from one another.

It is an exciting time for all of us in the sports world whether you play in a team sport or individual sport, or are learning how to parent your child while playing sports.  For the first time in years, I am now coaching again and understanding a different perspective in sharing knowledge of a game that I love.  It’s not always easy, and there are many ways to achieve success, but the one thing that I still hold onto is how much sports replicate life and the bigger picture.  There are so many valuable lessons to be learned on the field, the pitch, the pool, the court, no matter what role you play: the coach, the parent, or the athlete.

I’ve learned so many things from the classroom and my teachers in school growing up, but I continue to learn about life and myself from the playing field.


Be Empowered!

Angela Hucles