Empowerment. I’ve been sitting at my computer thinking, what does it really mean? Every person you ask will give you a different answer. I really started to think about what empowers me and what drives me to be successful. I decided there was one big thing, my teammates.

I’ve found that everyone talks about teammates as their go to when writing these types of blogs without a real explanation, and I have been guilty of it too. So I really started to think about why my teammates empower me.

I run track, which you would think is an individualist sport, but it’s not. Our group of hurdlers are pulled from every part of the school and every different clique, and we learn to work together. That in itself has transferred over to school and work.  I have learned the cliche “don’t judge a book by its cover”, there is so much more to every person you meet than what you think you know. They have influenced my other relationships and caused them to grow.

My teammates also provide me  with competition. I will admit, my confidence is not very high on the track and on the field but my teammates give me a competitive edge. They push me to be better. To get my trail leg down faster, to open up my stride, to win. I’ve learned to compete with myself through them. My teammates have given me the edge to challenge myself to be better in every aspect of my life.

I haven’t done anything spectacular in my life but in the small successes and accomplishments have come from athletics. My teammates are a big contributor to not only the athlete but student and person I am today. They have given me the courage and the strength to face new challenges. To me that’s what empowerment means. They have given me the change to grow and develop and become a better person off of the field.

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Caroline Metcalf is a high school student-athlete in Massachusetts who will be featured monthly as a guest blog-writer