How many events to add to the express?

It is the most crucial issue that worries football bettors. After the first replenishment of the game account, beginners, as a rule, begin to fill coupons with bets on P1 clear favorites with quotes of no more than 1.2. It seems to them that if you take the victories of PSG, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and other mastodons of football in every championship, everything will be ok. The Express will definitely play even if there are more than 20 ordinary people therein.

What is football betting by express?

Even the clear favorites miss and lose points. Unfortunately, not all beginners understand this simple idea. It seems to them that this is just an annoying misunderstanding. That the next express will definitely be successful. But next time, bettor again stuffed 25 grand wins into the basket, and lost as expected. It is unpredictable how many defeats a player may have to give up such a bad habit.

So how many events do you need to add to the express when betting on football? From our point of view, 2-3 ordinary, no more. Remember that the more events, the less chance of winning a bet.

For example, you can bet on the victories of Liverpool, Manchester United, Juventus and Atletico Madrid at the weekend. The total odds were 4. It seems like good fun, considering that the bookmaker offered no more than 1.35 for the victory of each team.

However, if only one of these teams does not win, the bet is considered lost. And only if all four win, bettors get a profit of 400%. It is recommended to insert only a few ordinaries, especially in cases where the bettor decides to bet large amounts.

What tips can we give?

It is better not to make express collected from the events of the same football championship, as very rarely tours are without unexpected results. When you select multiple events from one championship, the chance of losing rises.

We advise you to take motivated grandees with negative odds. Of course, you need to carefully study the statistics of not only the last matches, but also personal confrontations, and remember that the hosts can always give a misfire if they do not have at least a few key players.

When choosing a team for football gambling, you have to carefully study the standings, to understand how motivated the players are. For example, an unmotivated team that has already reached the playoffs ahead of schedule may release a reserve team to the field. The same applies to national and international competitions.

Bet on teams and championships that you understand, that you closely monitor and understand what to expect from a team.

Learn the rules of the bookmaker. Some offices have a coefficient limit for express. For example, if your express wins at odds of 5000, it will be settled at odds of 1000.

Avoid high and low risk bets. It is desirable to include in the express markets with quotes from 1.7 to 2.5.

Do not bet on your favorite teams for the sake of simple cheering. This approach often ends in losses. In fact, your favorite team will not greatly increase your potential winnings.

Thus, football is the most popular and spectacular sport. The rules of the game are simple, but the number of options that can happen in a single match is close to infinity. Football betting is a good source of extra income, but only if you do football forecasting seriously and thoroughly.