There is an obvious benefit of playing sports and continuously growing as a young adult. The team aspect of sports will always be a learning resource. It allows to organically learn how to problem-solve and set aside differences in order to achieve a common goal. With young female athletes especially, assertiveness learned in a team setting is a skill that will be beneficial for many years to come.

With that, heading into 2017, a new year and new chance to be the best version of you, how do you, as a player, maximize your learning and ensure you build positive relationships with your teammates and coaches?

Here are some tips and considerations for how you conduct yourself on your sports team:​​​​​​​

  • Be Accountable: Remember the two things you can control are your head and your heart. Don’t take out frustrations you might have on your teammates or coaches. Look toward yourself to improve and get better each day.
  • Lift Others Up: Even when you in the midst of a tough game or training, be an encouragement to others whether verbally or with your actions.
  • Positivity is Contagious: The mind is an important aspect of any sport and can make a big difference in a game or match. Being the positive beacon regardless of the situation will make it apparent to your teammates that you care about your team and are committed to them.
  • Be the Teammate You Would Want: The little things add up so at the end of the day if you wouldn’t want to be a teammate with yourself, neither will your team!