How to choose bookmakers for sports betting?

Here are tips on how to choose a bookmaker, so as not to be disappointed in your choice:

  • Reliability. You can find out by reading reviews about a particular office on forums, specialized sites, etc. Without confidence in winning, it makes no sense to bet;
  • Methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. You need to find out if the office supports the convenient payment systems for you;
  • Rules and regulations of the office. Read all the rules carefully before placing stakes. 
  • Coefficients. You need to play in an office with more or less high odds, as this greatly affects the size of the winnings;
  • The size of the minimum deposit. There are many offices that have a high minimum for depositing or withdrawing funds. These indicators need to be compared with their financial capabilities;

Analyze the bookmaker you are planning to work with according to the above parameters. If the office meets them, you can safely register.

What are the most popular payment systems?

Here is a brief description of the most common payment systems with which bookmakers work.

  • Skrill is the world’s most popular payment system. Its recognition, both among bookmakers and players, is justified by the lack of various commissions. The Skrill system offers its users a number of bonuses, as well as a loyalty program. 
  • WebMoney is the most popular payment system for players from the CIS. The benefit of WebMoney is in several ways to deposit and withdraw money, as well as in the ease of registration. The disadvantage of the system is the 0.8% commission for the transfer of funds and the fact that not all Western bookmakers work with it.

In addition, you can select such payment systems as Neteller and Qiwi, but they are inferior in popularity to the systems described above.

How to avoid the possible mistakes of beginners?

Here is a list of simple rules of the game that can save you from many mistakes:

  • Bet only on those sports that you know well;
  • Play in offices only with high odds;
  • Make a preliminary analysis of the sporting event you are going to bet on;
  • Play according to your own strategy. Don’t make reckless stakes;
  • Do not bet more than 1-2% of the bankroll;

What main types of sports betting to take into account?

Two types of sports betting are now popular in all bookmakers: ordinary and express.

  • Ordinary. It is the simplest type of sport stakes, they are also called single stakes. It doesn’t matter what you bet on (victory, draw, or number of goals), if the bet is made on only one event – it’s ordinary. Payment at this rate is calculated very easily by multiplying the size of the rate and the coefficient.
  • Express. Many beginners wonder – how to make an express sport stake? An express is a bet consisting of several ordinary (at least two), i.e. to place an express you need to select several events from the list of the bookmaker. To determine the winnings at this rate, it is necessary to multiply the odds of all events included in the express, and then – multiply the total odds by the size of the stake.

In our society, it is common to think that sports betting is an intellectual competition along with luck and passion. If you manage to win, it is a great success. Otherwise, it is better not to worry and watch your emotions, not to make stakes big money, which will be a pity to lose.