We know that each of us has our own unique personality, and we all have different qualities we can choose to display at different times. This article will discuss how those qualities come to fruition and the need to push outside our comfort zone sometimes in order to have a more full life experience!

Are you the type of person who likes to stand out? If you aren’t, maybe you know someone who does. Perhaps it’s one of your classmates who always has a funny joke during the school day and is always making everyone laugh.

Some of us have a great fear of standing out. We don’t like to be seen or the center of attention, and look for ways to be more subtle or even to hide. I believe, however, that by hiding, it actually prevents our ability to succeed or achieve in life. It sometimes keeps us from encountering some really great experiences. Even though putting yourself out there may be daunting and outside of your comfort zone (believe me, this introvert understands), it can also be one of the most rewarding things and afterwards you realize it isn’t so scary after all.

Of course, there are some elements in a situation that will make you stand out whether you want to or not. Take the below picture as an example. There is one person on that soccer team that is different from all of the other teammates.​​​​​​​

stand out in a crowd

Being the only girl on all boys’ teams for years was something that I eventually became accustomed to. I remember walking with my teammates and going onto the field at soccer tournaments and hearing other people saying, “look there’s a girl on that team.” It made me uncomfortable and uneasy at first, because I stood out, I was different, and it drew attention to me that I couldn’t help. But, eventually, I learned to embrace being different, being the only girl on the team, and looking at it as something special. Switching the way I looked at the situation and embracing the power of standing out in a positive way, helped me to be a better player and also taught me how to get through other situations that were outside of my comfort zone in the future.

Breaking Barriers

Beth Mowins - Breaking BarriersPreparation, dedication, persistence, knowledge, practice, confidence, believing in no limitations…these are all of the traits that were required of Beth Mowins.

Beth Mowins is the first woman to call play-by-play for an NFL game in over 30 years and the first woman to call a nationally televised NFL game. Being the first, or one of the firsts, can come with a lot of pressure and responsibility. There’s a sense that “all eyes are on you,” feelings of not wanting to disappoint others, and, oftentimes, a lot of excitement. Some people do better with that pressure than others. Being the first to do something, even when it’s fun or positive, can be very daunting for all of these reasons.

Before, during and after the NFL game, Beth received a lot praise and encouragement, but also some criticism. Here’s here response to that:

I’ve come to understand over the years that you’re not going to please everybody,” she told Bleacher Report. “Some people are not interested in seeing a woman in this role. But there are a lot of people who do come into this with an open mind, and it’s up to me to prove to them that I’m qualified for the job and can get it done.

For Beth, like a lot of us, when we are trying something new, or given opportunities to break down barriers or tackle a challenge, there are certain elements that are not in our control. Staying focused, confident, being properly prepared for the situation, and also mentally prepared for different outcomes, and enjoying the process, all help in creating a successful experience.