Have you ever seen athletes bounce back from an injury or earn their starting spot back after being on the bench? What about athletes that make it to compete at the highest level or on a world stage? Besides athletic ability, mental toughness is something that sets these types of athletes apart. While skills and fitness can only take you so far, mental preparedness takes you to the next level. It is also something that can set you apart from the competition, specifically during the college recruiting process.

Mental toughness is hard to teach as a coach but they know it when they see it. It’s an attitude to never quit, and to take responsibility for your actions. How do you handle challenges? Coaches know that games are often decided in the final minutes, when both teams are exhausted. How you handle yourself in these moments help you grow in the mental part of the game and coaches take notice of that.

Looking at a challenge, assessing how to give it your all, and then following through on it builds and showcases your mental toughness; it is a quality that can set you apart in your pursuit of being a collegiate athlete and beyond.