What are the betting taboos for professional players?

Our experts prepared some tips on what not to do if you want not only to tickle your nerves while playing betting but also to earn:

  • No need to rush in search of the highest odds. In the most rated offices, they are quite similar. Inflated odds are for the result that has the lowest chance.
  • If you see a high odds on the clear favorite, most likely this bookmaker office is not going to pay winnings to its customers, it sounds like a scam.
  • Never invest the whole pot in one event. A 100% result is impossible to promise.
  • Do not play with unknown bookmakers. Only legal operators who have a good reputation should be trusted. Read player reviews, study the ratings on the Internet and on our website.
  • Don’t make hasty bets after a big win or loss. Betting and emotions are incompatible.

Many novice players ignore these simple rules of football gambling and quickly lose their entire pot. 

What tactics will help novice players in betting?

There are many financial strategies that help minimize the risk of a quick loss for novices. Of course, these are not the secrets of gambling on football, but without them, the player doesn’t win. Here are some of them:

  • The rate is always equal to a certain percentage of the bank.
  • The bet is always equal to the same amount.

When you register at any bookmaker’s office, they set a minimum that must be paid into the account. You set the maximum amount yourself. Put money on deposit, which you can painlessly withdraw from your budget. 

The tactics of football stakes include:

  • Corridors. The main principle is to make stakes on the total more and less. Players find such sport events where the risk of loss is reduced to zero. The corridor can block both stakes and in any case one of them will win.
  • Surebets. One of the most reliable win-win tactics. Stakes are made on one sporting event in two bookmakers, on a mutually exclusive result. In any case, one of the stakes is winning and it is the best option for novices.
  • Catch up. One of the questionable strategies originates in the casino game. Its essence is that the size of each subsequent stake is doubled. Thus, the win that will happen sooner or later overlaps all previous stakes.

These are the most popular strategies used when wagering on sports. After analyzing them, you can choose the right one for you.

What secrets of successful bettors are important for novices?

Novice players often seek advice from more experienced and successful people. That is why you need to follow the following rules when betting on football:

  • Never bet on the team you support. You will not be able to be objective in making such a bet;
  • Make stakes only on leagues in which you are well-oriented;
  • Do not bet on top matches, bookmakers calculate the odds on them very accurately;
  • Restrain your emotions so as not to be mistaken;
  • Do not be distracted by the match itself, watch the odds (they change).
  • Before you play for real money, it is not superfluous to practice on paper or for virtual money in a bookmaker’s office, i.e. try to make free stakes on football.

By doing all of the above, you may be able to make money in this area. But note that this type of making money is extremely difficult, especially for novices.