The Empowerment Through Sport Leadership Series was founded in 2012 by two-time Olympic gold medalist, Angela Hucles, with the belief that while participating in sports and physical activity, valuable lessons can be learned to develop leadership skills and healthy practices both on and off the field.

The mission of Empowerment Through Sport is to promote and encourage positive change and leadership through healthy choices and lessons learned from sports and physical activities.

The Empowerment Through Sport Leadership Series model offers of a variety of programming and opportunities for girls in sport.


ETSLS Conference is a full-day event hosted by the Empowerment Through Sport team in designated US and Canadian markets…Learn More


ETSLS Workshop is a half-day event designed to provide organizations, clubs and academic institutions with an opportunity to feature…Learn More


Interested in having Angela speak to your group about sports leadership, competition, overcoming adversity and more? With almost 30 years of experience of sports leadership she’d like to share her experiences with you. Send an email to info@etsleadershipseries.com with your request.

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