It may seem like a silly question, but have you ever considered the question and thought of benefits that may not be as obvious?

In addition to countless intangible qualities learned from competing in sports, especially at the collegiate level, there are other benefits to playing a sport in college.

Student athletes receive specialized academic support and services. They can have tutors and priority class registration due to travel and competition schedules. Often classes fill up for non-student athletes but exceptions can be made through athletics because of their sports’ schedule demands. This could mean the difference between adding an extra semester of school if certain classes aren’t open year-round. Specialized academic support and services allow for more personal attention to class schedules and ultimately academic guidance to make sure the student athletes are graduating on time.

Additionally, the ability to travel is a great benefit of being a student athlete that most other students don’t get the chance to do on a regular basis. Being on the road is a great way to broaden your horizons and experience the world in different ways. It’s also one of the best ways to bond with teammates, whether on the bus for hours at a time, in a hotel room, or exploring a new city for the first time!

Being a student athlete can also have drastic positive impact on overall heath. For many college students, it can be difficult to keep good habits (that’s where the “Freshman 15” comes from!) but student athletes often have access to special cafeterias and nutritionists, or just keep a closer watch on their health and exercise regimens because of their sport. Plus, with regular treatment and rehab, medical care is accessible and top-notch.

The best thing about opportunities to play sports in college is that there are many different levels to find the best fit for YOU. No matter which level, sport, or college you choose to attend, a college athletic experience is one that teaches many valuable lessons, opens the doors to unimaginable opportunities, and creates memories and friendships that last a lifetime!